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2nd Year Final University Film, 2023

"An abstract, experimental film about self image."

This film focused on people's intimate anxieties and feelings about their body image and how they felt emotionally and mentally. I wanted to convey these feelings to physical, inanimate objects. This project required me to research and gather information about various experiences, so I created a survey that was answered by people of different ages, backgrounds and genders to provide inclusive research fully. The lines in the film were sourced from these responses and were voiced to provide the same genuineness and emotion as these responses.

These emotions were then portrayed onto clays, which served as a visual representation of these emotions. This project required both experimentation with these materials as well as learning stop-motion as a medium. 

Since its release, UGLY has been screened in multiple international animation festivals. Some festivals to note are Quater-Finalist in the Student World Impact Film Festival 2023 and Runner's Up in the INDI's Film Festival 2024. It continues to participate in festivals today.

SWIFF Quater FInaalist.png
ECIFF 2023_Laurel.png
19-21 RUNNERUP.png
Southend on Sea Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION.png
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